Electrical & Industrial Distributors

Founded in 1923, Turtle & Hughes is one of the nation's largest independent electrical and industrial distributors, providing electrical services and solutions backed by a commitment to technical and product expertise.

Rockwell Automation Authorized Distributor

Turtle & Hughes has been a top performing distributor of Rockwell Automation in New York and New Jersey for over three decades, and it's no surprise why -- we engineer the very best value-delivered equipment and services in the industry today. Start your journey to Smart Manufacturing with The Connected Enterprise from Rockwell Automation and enhance your productivity, safety, security, sustainability and performance..



Problem solving is an opportunity for us to do our best by finding better ways to approach your unique project. We work as a team to build momentum, we tackle every challenge along the way, and we share a clear vision of our mutual success at the end of the road.


    If you're not taking advantage of the latest automation solutions, you're falling behind. We help owners and integrators with assessments, expertise and components for upgrades, expansions, or new process automation installations.

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    Our solutions optimize the acquisition and delivery of materials and services for production and engineering teams, facility maintenance groups, manufacturing services, and R&D service organizations.

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    Field service solutions from Turtle & Hughes make maintenance simple. With us, you only have to make one call when something goes wrong or equipment needs service.

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    We keep your project on track from start to finish by coordinating all stages of your work as a contractor or engineering firm with that of manufacturers and regulating bodies to meet your completion deadline.

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Project Expertise

Backed by 95 Years of Experience


We deliver high performance, reliable and efficient power systems that control costs and are engineered with an eye towards the future.

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Our energy management system designs save on energy consumption, reduce maintenance and add money back to your bottom line.

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Whether it's a busy airport, railway, port, road, bridge, tunnel or the ever-evolving industrial technology infrastructure, we ensure that the outcome is resilient and fail safe.

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World Trade Center Transportation Hub

New York, NY

Trends & Technology

Our industry is constantly changing and advancements in technology have created a new era of innovation. That's why we are working to bring you an improved blog with our unique perspective on new products and services, news and events, and industry trends. We will be back soon with new content that will help you to keep pace.

  • Electrical Construction


    Powering the Future

    Hudson Yards is the largest development in New York City in almost 100 years; a self-contained neighborhood with residential, office and commercial buildings, shops, restaurants, a creative hub, parks, playgrounds and a school. Two cogeneration plants - with switchgear from Turtle & Hughes - form a smart microgrid, which is designed to keep the complex running, even in the event a power outage.

  • Materials Management & Logistics


    LaGuardia Airport Redevelopment

    LaGuardia Airport needed support in its +$4 billion modernization project. Turtle & Hughes is supplying cable management services and furnishing cable to the airport and its power distribution in the West, Center and East sections. When complete, electrical capacity to the airport will be greatly improved and this vital national infrastructure facility will be modernized to handle passenger and aircraft capacity for the next 20 years.

  • Transportation


    A Safer Ride

    The Metropolitan Transportation Authority was looking to improve safety, security and communication between the public and New York City Transit Authority at station booths and the Rail Control Center (RCC). Turtle & Hughes furnished and placed in operation new life safety communications and security devises in a fully integrated solution.

Making History

    • 1923:
    • Breaking Ground

      Colleagues M. Berry Turtle and Bill Hughes join forces to open Turtle & Hughes in Lower Manhattan; an electrical equipment distributor to local businesses.

    • 1933:
    • Surviving the Great Depression

      The business flourishes despite the Great Depression and a second location opens in Elizabeth, NJ.

    • 1942:
    • Trailblazing

      Following the death of Bill Hughes in 1935, M.B. Turtle leads the company until 1942. His widow, Ethel Macnamara Turtle, manages the growth for 22 years; the first of three generations of women leaders.

    • 1968:
    • Family Ties

      The granddaughter of company founder, Suzanne (Sue) Turtle Millard, and her husband Frank, take the helm and lead the company to unprecedented growth for over four decades.

    • 1976:
    • A New Era

      Supported by a bright new sales team -- attracted by an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) created a few years earlier -- the headquarters relocates to a larger facility in Linden, NJ, where it remains today.

    • 1978:
    • Branch Expansion

      A new branch office opens in Houston, TX, marking the first of many located outside of New York and New Jersey.

    • 1993:
    • Leadership and Diversification

      Turtle & Hughes attains a top 25 U.S. electrical wholesaler ranking. Connecticut-based Silliter/Klebes is acquired, paving the way for the creation of Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS).

    • 2010:
    • Passing the Torch

      Jayne Millard, daughter of Frank and Sue Millard, assumes leadership securing the company's 24-year status as a certified member of the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

    • 2014:
    • Guiding Principles

      A list of Core Values guides a growing workforce in diverse locations. It defines our culture and who we are as people and as a company.

    • 2018:
    • Celebrating 95 Years

      Growing to over 900 employee-owners in locations across the U.S. and in Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico, we are inspired by our past but continuously look to the future for ways to create value for our customers.