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Two Steps to Lifecycle Planning in Automation

posted Wednesday Jul 31, 2019 by TURTLE & HUGHES in Services

Google defines lifecycle planning as the "approach to maintaining an asset from construction to disposal. It involves the prediction of future performance of an asset, or a group of assets, based on investment scenarios and maintenance strategies."

Considering the interactions we have with our customers; we know that this definition does not always hold true. Many times, we are supporting knee-jerk reactions to a system being down only to find out that the solution being used is no longer available or at the end of its lifecycle. This is a problem that we want to address proactively.

Rockwell Automation has long been known for its tools and ability to address legacy products and for its migration paths to newer technologies available. Let us look at two services that we can provide to our customers to take out the uncertainty of what they have installed.

1. Installed Base Evaluation

An IBE (Installed Base Evaluation) gives a baseline on what is installed and where it may be on its lifecycle. This evaluation allows us to provide accurate inventories on what is needed in case of failure. We can discuss and develop site target architectures and 5-year plans to look ahead for potential issues or opportunities for the customer’s consideration.

2. Lifecycle Extension Agreement

A Lifecycle Extension Agreement allows the customer to mitigate the risk associated with operating older or discontinued automation products. This program is particularly beneficial if they are not currently in a position to modernize or migrate to a new technology. Some of the highlights of Lifecycle Extension Agreement are: Reserved Repair and Parts, Remote Support for Discontinued Products, and On-site Service for Discontinued Products.

There will come a time when migration/conversion services are needed. Our Turtle & Hughes Automation Team along with Rockwell Automation have the talent and tools required to make transitioning from legacy or competitive systems successful and painless.

Contact our Automation Team ( ) if you have any questions or need guidance in creating a lifecycle plan for your company or facility.

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