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ThinManager® From Rockwell Automation

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Centrally manage all of your devices and content from one powerful software platform.

Traditional automation networks have dedicated PCs for specific applications throughout the plant floor, control rooms and plant floor offices. Here’s the problem: On each of those PCs, there are elements that must be maintained, such as operating systems, applications, anti-virus and moving parts. Additionally, each of those PCs provides USB access, which can pose a serious security risk. These concerns cost time and money to mitigate, and divert time and resources away from what is important: operating your plant efficiently. ThinManager®  is a content delivery and device management platform from Rockwell Automation designed for industrial environments that can help you do just that.

ThinManager enables secure, centralized configuration and deployment of applications and content to every PC, thin client, mobile device and user. ThinManager increases safety and security through powerful visualization and authentication features, such as tiling and badging, allowing you to work more efficiently by simplifying and streamlining the management of all content, devices and users.

You can also go mobile with ThinManager’s built-in mobility solution, Relevance—the only location-based mobile management platform that allows applications and content to be securely delivered to specific locations within your facility and nowhere else. Increase your productivity, visualization, security and mobility from one easy-to-use, centralized and scalable management platform.


Downtime is the enemy of productivity and profit. ThinManager provides a powerful set of tools that lets you focus on producing more with less downtime. When your job is to make sure that product goes out the door, you don’t have the time to worry about managing the computers your workforce relies to get their jobs done.

ThinManager reduces the burden of spending too much time managing computers. Rockwell Automation systems provide the ease-of-use you need to ensure that all devices and users have exactly the tools they need to get their jobs done. By supporting industrial-grade thin clients, ThinManager offers customers the longest lasting system on the market.

ThinManager also provides instant failover and a full redundancy option on the server side, so that you keep all the components of your automation network running in high availability mode around the clock. No one wants a 2:00AM phone call — but when it does happen, it is best to have ThinManager in place so that a down terminal can be replaced in under two minutes with no loss of data. Simply plug in a replacement terminal, reconnect to ThinManager and continue working.


Modern automation is all about visualization. There are many different applications upon which you rely in order to keep your automation network up and running at peak performance. From the plant floor to the control room, it is imperative that you always have real time visibility into every aspect of production.

ThinManager not only excels at delivering your content where you need it, but also at presenting your content the way you want to view it. From multiple monitors, to IP and USB cameras, to shadowing every terminal on the network, ThinManager provides all the tools you need to make sure you have the ability to see every device and user operating in your automated environment. With the new Virtual Screening feature, you can now customize the way you present applications and data from multiple sources. Design your view to meet all your needs without rewriting a single line of code.


ThinManager is designed with security in mind. No data is ever stored on thin clients, PXE-boot thin clients, or on mobile devices using Relevance. By default, USB drives will not be accessible on a ThinManager network of devices. All communication between clients and servers, including mobile device communication, is encrypted to ensure your automation network is only available to authorized users.

ThinManager’s support for Active Directory makes it easy to set up users and groups. ThinManager also supports a wide range of authentication devices like Smart cards, RFID cards, fingerprint scanners and more. And, just like all other supported devices, ThinManager’s configuration wizards allow administrators to easily enable these devices without writing a single line of code.


Ready or not, mobility on the plant floor has arrived. Whether you use mobile devices today or plan on implementing a mobility solution down the road, you need to seek a solution from a proven vendor. You also need a solution that is secure.

ThinManager’s Relevance mobility solution is the only location-based mobility solution available for industrial environments. Not only can Relevance deliver content when and where you need it, it can also prevent delivery of content to unauthorized locations and users.

Mobile devices bring the promise of a more free-flowing workspace where staff can move around efficiently to manage the automation environments for which they are responsible. Relevance uses location resolvers such as QR codes, Bluetooth beacons, Wi-Fi and GPS to ensure that mobile users and devices only receive content in authorized areas. Relevance easily supports the ability to set up geofences that prevent your important information from ever being delivered outside of authorized locations.

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