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New California Incentives for Battery Storage

posted Wednesday Jul 24, 2019 by TURTLE & HUGHES in Products and Technology

If you own a commercial/industrial business or vineyard in California, it’s time to look into battery storage with significant rebates recently announced by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). Right now, batteries qualify for over 40 percent in rebates with $23 million available. PG&E supplies natural gas and electric service to approximately 16 million people in a 70,000 square mile service area in California.

This summer during high risk season, PG&E is taking every precaution to stem the threat of fires with rolling power outages and is using the attractive incentive program to push renewable energy alternatives. 

The season's first black out occurred in early June when 22,000 customers in wine country lost power after the National Weather Service issued a red-flag warning for high fire danger. This disrupted many area businesses and set the tone for what could be the region's new normalcy.

Keep Your Operations Running

Full service solutions from Turtle Energy Storage Services (TESS) can help alleviate the challenges of power outages with system modeling, planning and design, technical support, and inventory solutions. Whether paired with solar or stand alone, storage systems can provide energy peak shaving throughout the year and be part of a smarter, safer and cleaner strategy for pending brown- and black-outs when you need it most.

Many businesses are turning to back-up generators to keep their operations running, but they don’t offer the clear benefits of solar and storage microgrids:

•  Clean Energy: When combined with solar arrays, microgrids offer a quiet and safe alternative to generators. Unlike generators, there is no need for back-up fuel tanks.

•  Savings: Battery storage systems can provide returns and savings year-round. Customers can purchase power when rates are lowest and discharge batteries when prices go up, and/or they can reduce power demand strategically throughout the day/week/month that reduces costs and can ensure the least cost rate.

•  Reliability: A solar plus battery storage microgrid is a fully integrated system that is permanently installed at a facility and can function in island mode, disconnecting completely from the grid. You can have clean power without noise, fuel supply issues, or odors, even when the grid goes down.

Many can learn from the experiences of Stone Edge Farm, the premier microgrid in Northern California and a model for sustainability and energy conservation. The 16-acre farm in Sonoma has a microgrid with a mile-long power line that connects a network of electrical services and integrates with solar, microturbine and hydrogen fuel cells. It combines battery and hydrogen storage and can work connected to the grid or in island mode providing an enriched natural customer experience.

Along with the current PG&E incentives, the shrinking cost of battery energy storage systems and integrated controls is also driving up demand. With energy resiliency a top priority, low-to no-carbon strategies like clean, sustainable energy storage makes sense if you want to reduce your environmental footprint and improve your bottom line.

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