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Get MRO Materials Line-Side Where They Belong

posted Wednesday Jun 26, 2019 by TURTLE & HUGHES in THIS

Automated tool cribs and vending machines equipped with RFID technology are innovative solutions for businesses looking to save time and money through more strategic supply distribution and better inventory control.

Traditionally, MRO products are contained in large storerooms which may be far from where maintenance operations occur. Industrial vending solutions allow sites to store and organize critical MRO products closer to where they are used, so your staff can operate more efficiently. At Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS), we offer best-in-class #CribMaster vending machines (as well as #SupplyPro and #AutoCrib machinery), giving clients a range of options that can be tailored to their unique MRO programs.

Benefits of these industrial vending machines and tool cribs include:

• Integrated tracking software that can generate multiple reports through cloud-based solutions like our THISone collaborative platform

• Easily scalable for larger operations

• Configurable security levels

• Integrated RFID tracking systems

• Automated replenishment and networked supplier access

• Multiple tool crib management on a single system

While it is easy to utilize an industrial supply vending machine in a given facility, finding and designing a system that can scale to meet the needs of a modern business can be more challenging. An inventory control system should be highly scalable to suit the needs of larger businesses, and leverage IoT to connect with a broad range of point of use devices allowing for flexible deployment in a variety of facilities. The vending machines and tool cribs can also be centrally managed from a single point (or in the cloud), allowing for inventory control over multiple, widely spread facilities.

The ability to provide automated point of use to end users while tracking consumption by user, machine, and department are just the starting point for tool tracking and inventory control at the plant floor. A wide range of vending machines can store anything from small items like batteries and cutting tools all the way up to large, durable items such as power tools and safety equipment. The industry standard estimate is that a fully employed vending machine will reduce part demand by 15-30 percent, primarily via increased user accountability!

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