Diffuser Specialist F32T8CLEAR

Diffuser Specialist F32T8CLEAR Tube Guard Sleeve, For Use With Fluorescent Light, Polycarbonate, Clear

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Diffuser Specialist F32T8CLEAR

Tube guard sleeves are fluorescent light tube covers which guard against the inherent dangers of fluorescent lamp breakage by retaining the shattered glass and phosphors. They are made from polycarbonate Sleeves that also protect against dirt, dust, bugs and flying insects.

Diffuser Specialist Tube Guard Sleeve, For Use With: Fluorescent Light, Polycarbonate, Clear

Material      :      Polycarbonate
Color      :      Clear
Suitable For Use With      :      Fluorescent Light
  • pdf Specification Sheet https://www.turtle.com//ASSETS/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/Diffuser_Specialist_F32T8CLEAR_Specification_Sheet.pdf