DieHard® 50749

DieHard® 50749 Advanced Gold AGM Deep Cycle Absorbed Glass Mat Automotive Battery, 850 A, 14 in L x 7-1/2 in H

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DieHard® 50749

Make replacing your car's battery a simple swap: DieHard® gold size 49 car batteries are a maintenance free power solution! The enhanced equipment keeps your car starting smoothly month after month thanks to genuine AGM technology, constructed with demineralized battery acid, thru-partition connectors, heat sealed polypropylene case/cover, full frame calcium lead alloy grids and remote flame retardant safety vents. Designed for use in cooler Northern climates, the durable DieHard® will deliver top cranking power year round! DieHard® gold 49 battery is specifically sized for use on some of today's hottest imports and meets original equipment replacement requirements on many passenger cars and truck vehicle makes such as BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Audi. You'll get top power from the battery's enhanced electronic suspension system, designed to absorb more electrolyte and protects internal components, and its flat plate AGM design engineered to provide the most efficient use of internal volume for more power-per-pound. Additionally, the deep cycle battery comes with extended performance, backed up by Sear's free replacement warranty for up 36 months!

DieHard® Automotive Battery, Deep Cycle Absorbed Glass Mat, Series: Advanced Gold AGM, 850 A, 14 in Length, 7-1/2 in Height

Amperage Rating      :      850 A
Length      :      14 in
Type      :      Deep Cycle Absorbed Glass Mat
Height      :      7-1/2 in
Series      :      Advanced Gold AGM
  • Designed for use in cooler Northern climates, this battery won't leave you stranded in frigid weather
  • This battery is constructed with protective components such as demineralized battery acid and remote flame retardant safety vents
  • Enjoy an enhanced electronic suspension system, which protects internal components and a flat plate AGM design for increased efficiency