DX F12-10GY

DX F12-10GY Wire Ferrule, 12 AWG Tin Plated Copper Conductor, 0.699 in L, Polypropylene Plastic Insulation, Gray

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DX F12-10GY

Ferrules are used to ensure a reliable electrical connection when terminating conductors in screw clamp terminal blocks. Fraying and breaking of wire strands is prevented and the possibility of an unreliable connection is minimized. Insulated ferrules prevent conductor breakage due to bending, wire stress or vibration, while facilitating wire insertions into a terminal block clamp. Ferrules are thin walled copper tubes, which are mechanically crimped onto the ends of stranded wires. They are the preferred alternative to twisting wire strands or tinning the wire end before terminating into a terminal block.

DX Wire Ferrule, Tin Plated Copper Conductor, 12 AWG Conductor, 0.699 in Length, Polypropylene Plastic Insulation, Gray

Length      :      0.699 in
Material      :      Polypropylene Plastic Insulation
Conductor Type      :      Tin Plated Copper
Conductor Size      :      12 AWG
Color      :      Gray