Marrette® 1SHD

Marrette® 1SHD Vibration Proof Visible Connection Set Screw Connector, 16 to 10 AWG, Thermoplastic

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Marrette® 1SHD

The Marrette® set-screw is a two-piece, pressure type connector, featuring a solid brass insert with a screw-on insulating cap. It's the perfect choice when changing a motor, adding a circuit, conducting instrument testing or simply lashing-up temporary wiring.

Marrette® Set Screw Connector, Vibration Proof Visible Connection, 16 to 10 AWG Wire, 600 VAC, 150 deg C, Thermoplastic, Black

Temperature Rating      :      150 deg C
Material      :      Thermoplastic
Wire Size      :      16 to 10 AWG
Color      :      Black
Type      :      Vibration Proof Visible Connection
Voltage Rating      :      600 VAC
  • Insulator cap locks securely in place to safeguard against accidental loosening in high vibration applications
  • Choice of slotted or Robertson screwdriver installation
  • No need to "re-strip" wires when rewiring, simply loosen set-screw to remove non-twisted wires
  • Brass sleeve set-screw help resist corrosion
  • When tightened into the insert, provides a solid pressure type connection on all approved wire combinations