TE S-1251-50-300-1

TE S-1251-50-300-1 Hot Melt and Cold-Applied Sealant Strip, Red

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TE S-1251-50-300-1

TEs Raychem adhesives are to be used for sealing the ends of uncoated tubing or for low-voltage applications requiring void-filling. The hot-melt sealants flow when heated and set when cooled to provide a superior watertight seal. The cold-applied sealants bond to surfaces when placed under pressure to create a water-tight seal.

TE Sealant Strip, Hot Melt and Cold-Applied, Red

Type      :      Hot-Melt and Cold-Applied
Color      :      Red
  • pdf Selection Guide https://www.turtle.com//ASSETS/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/TE_FH_AD_3061_13_PS_REGULATOR_Selection_Guide.pdf
  • 2 in width x 12 in length x 0.45 in thickness strip