Mullen Testers H:131-170PSI


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Mullen Testers H:131-170PSI

Mullen Testers Test Foil, Aluminum

Item Name      :      Test Foil
Material      :      Aluminum

Aluminum test foils are used to check the accuracy of gauges. Foil sheets, traceable to NIST, are available from 5 to 170 PSI. The tester's performance is checked by bursting all of the aluminum sheets in a packet. If the average burst value lies between the specified range, the instrument is in substantial agreement with institute testers at this burst level.

Standard/Approvals: ASTM D3786, BS EN ISO 13938-1, GB/T7742, JIS L1018, IWS TM170

Application: For bursting strength test, including woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, non-woven fabrics, paper, leather