Perma Pure PD-50T-12E

Perma Pure PD-50T-12E


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Perma Pure PD-50T-12E

Perma Pure Gas Dryer, Series: PD™

Item Name      :      Gas Dryer
Series      :      PD™
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Perma Pure PD-Series™ gas dryers are multi-tube Nafion™ gas sample dryers designed for high flow, high performance gas drying applications. These dryers can be used to dry to -45 deg C without removing other compounds. Applications for PD-Series gas dryers include gas sample conditioning for continuous emissions and process monitoring. In these applications, sample gases flowing through the Nafion™ tubing are dried without removing any of the sample analytes. PD-series dryers are also used as moisture exchangers in fuel cell applications. Fuel cell exhaust gases transfer their moisture and heat to the dry inlet gases (primarily hydrogen). Finally, PD-Series gas driers can be used in small scale process applications. Process applications take advantage of one or more of the unique properties of Nafion™ highly efficient and selective moisture exchange, ion exchange capabilities, and extreme corrosion resistance.

  • Flow rates up to 40 lpm
  • Straight or coiled configuration
  • Corrosion-resistant