Decora® LevNet RF™ WSS0S-S9G

Decora® LevNet RF™ WSS0S-S9G Self Powered Single Rocker Switch, 902 MHz

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Decora® LevNet RF™ WSS0S-S9G

LevNet RF 902 MHz wireless remote entry stations (used for dimming and switching) can control an unlimited number of LevNet 902 MHz RF receivers in range. LevNet RF remote entry stations use no wires or batteries resulting in zero power consumption and no energy used. Pressing the rocker pad provides the energy to transmit a wireless signal that controls lights (dimming or switching) or other devices connected to LevNet RF Receivers. Wireless remote entry stations are primarily used to control lights in businesses or homes, but they can be used to control virtually any device. Each wireless remote entry station can be placed anywhere within range of a receiver. Traditionally the remote entry station is surface mounted on a wall with screws or industrial tape, but can also be used in a standard wallbox or as a wireless handheld remote. The unique ID of each device activates only the intended Receivers. Wireless, self-powered technologies are the ideal solution for retrofits and new construction. Installation is quick and easy with no additional wiring required. It takes only minutes to install and configure.

Decora® LevNet RF™ Rocker Switch, Self Powered Single, 902 MHz, >50000 Mechanical Operating Cycles, Gray, 4.5 in H x 2.75 in W x 0.32 in D

Operating Cycles      :      >50000 Mechanical
Frequency Rating      :      902 MHz
Type      :      Self Powered Single
Color      :      Gray
Dimensions      :      4.5 in H x 2.75 in W x 0.32 in D
Warranty      :      5 Years Limited
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  • Zero power consumption - the motion of a switch actuation provides the energy to power the device, eliminating additional expenses to the end user's energy bill
  • Zero external power required - with no power wire limitations, this offers the installer flexibility to place the RF switch anywhere
  • Zero charge time to operation - self-powered technology enables the LevNet RF™ device to be operational immediately
  • True wireless- LevNet RF™ remote entry stations are self-powered and communicate with all LevNet RF™ and EnOcean receivers via radio frequency
  • No additional wiring - self-powered wireless technology eliminates the need to pull additional wire, making installation quick and easy and increasing labor savings with little to no impact to business during conversion
  • No batteries or external power required - exclusive "battery-less" technology significantly reduces callbacks and maintenance for additional savings
  • Additional energy savings- wireless technology supports simplified daylight harvesting and manual-override options with no additional wiring
  • Rocker-style on/off switching - provides remote control for manual-on/off light switching of each multiple light load at any time, top button = on, bottom button = off
  • Momentary style on/off switching - provides remote control for pushbutton manual-on/off light switching of each multiple light load at any time, hold button = on, release button = off
  • Convenient multi-location (3-way or 4-way) switching - mount switches anywhere, create 3-way or 4-way switches, control lights, motors or other electrical loads and reconfigure or relocate as needed
  • Save energy - create manual-on/auto-off controls using LevNet RF™ switches and occupancy sensors or by programming all lights to respond to a single master switch
  • Control the way you want it - use with multiple line voltage or low-voltage LevNet RF™ receivers to control an unlimited number of LevNet RF™ receivers within range for wireless dimming or on/off control
  • Two pushbuttons
  • 0 to 40 deg C operating temperature
  • 50 to 150 ft sensing range
  • Stores up to 20 transmitter IDs, touch transmission interval