Camfil 855147-022


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Camfil 855147-022

Camfil Air Filter, High Efficiency, Series: Opti-Pac, 24 in Width, 4 in Depth, 12 in Height, MERV 14, 1000 cfm, 175 deg F, Plastic Frame, 0.57 in wg Initial Resistance, Microfiber Glass Media, 11.38 in H x 23.38 in W x 3-3/4 in D Overall

Media Material      :      Microfiber Glass
Temperature Rating      :      175 deg F
MERV      :      MERV 14
Series      :      Opti-Pac
Initial Resistance      :      0.57 in wg
Overall Dimensions      :      11.38 in H x 23.38 in W x 3-3/4 in D
Item Name      :      Air Filter
Frame Material      :      Plastic
Height      :      12 in
Depth      :      4 in
Type      :      High Efficiency
Width      :      24 in
Flow Rate      :      1000 cfm
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The Camfil Farr Opti-Pac provides high efficiency air filtration in a space saving 4 in deep filter pack that can reduce valuable in-line air handler component depth and reduce inventory space requirements. Light weight and easy to handle, the Opti-Pac is available in efficiencies of MERV 11, MERV 13 and MERV 14 per ASHRAE Standard 52.2.

  • Incorporates a wet-laid micro fine glass media in a close-pleat design for optimum airflow, low system air resistance, and extended service life
  • Maintains its efficiency over its life in an HVAC system
  • Has the lowest pressure drop of any fine fiber 4 in deep mini-pleated filter in the industry
  • Separators ensuring full use of media area and uniform airflow through the filter
  • The frame is bonded to the media around the entire periphery to eliminate air bypass
  • Plastic enclosing frame ensures filter pack rigidity and media support throughout the life of the filter
  • Guaranteed to 5.0 in wg without media a pack failure
  • Includes Thermoplastic Resin Separators, (1) Plastic Enclosing Frame
Standard/Approvals: ASHRAE 52.2, UL 900

Application: For VAV systems, or any commercial, medical or industrial application