BECK® BK2020


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BECK® BK2020

BECK® Lightbus Coupler, 64 Terminals

Item Name      :      Lightbus Coupler
Number of Terminals      :      64
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The BK2020 "Economy plus" Bus Coupler connects the Lightbus system to the electronic terminal blocks, which can be expanded in modular fashion. One unit consists of one Bus Coupler, any number of up to 64 terminals and one end terminal. With the K-bus extension technology, the BK2020 allows the connection of up to 255 spatially distributed Bus Terminals to one Bus Coupler. The “Economy plus” series supports all Beckhoff system Bus Terminals. It can process in its full configuration 1020 digital signals and a maximum of 128 analog input and output channels per slave. The Bus Coupler recognises the connected terminals and automatically generates the affiliations of the inputs/outputs to the bytes of the process image. The first input/output signal is inserted in the first bit of one byte (LSB), beginning from the left. The bus coupler inserts further signals in this byte. Inputs and outputs are clearly separated. The bus coupler automatically begins a further byte if the number of inputs or outputs exceeds 8 bits. The Lightbus System is a rapid and safe serial fieldbus system. The Lightbus has a ring structure, up to 254 stations can be operated in a ring. Easy-to-operate standard fibre optic technology is used for data transmission, which represents excellent value. Thanks to an optimised, efficient telegram structure, the Lightbus achieves a very high user data transmission rate. For the exchange of 32 bit information 25 us transmission time is required. Thanks to the high-speed access method employed by the Lightbus, it is possible to access specific peripheral data and to read or write the required data only. Data is exchanged with the required priorities without producing any overhead.

Standard/Approvals: CE Certified, Ex, UL Listed