Appleton® ALE250

Appleton® ALESKO™ ALE250 Epoxy Sealing Putty With 3 Nozzles, 225 ml Tube, Liquid

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Appleton® ALE250

Appleton® ALESKO epoxy sealing putty is a liquid epoxy sealing compound designed for use in sealing fittings installed in hazardous locations. The use of ALESKO in sealing fittings prevents the passage of gases, vapors or flames from one portion of conduit to another, thereby restricting any explosion to the sealed off enclosure. Sealing fittings are required in class I, zone 1 and 2 (division 1 and 2) locations within 18 in of enclosures containing apparatus that may arc, spark or have high temperatures.

Appleton® ALESKO™ Epoxy Sealing Putty, Tube, 225 ml, 1100 lb Net Weight, Liquid, -40 to 121 deg C

Temperature Rating      :      -40 to 121 deg C
Form      :      Liquid
Container Type      :      Tube
Container Size      :      225 ml
Net Weight      :      1100 lb
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  • Each tube will seal over 20-1/2 in seals
  • Liquid epoxy seal compound is a 2-part epoxy supplied in a double barrel dispensing tube
  • Automatic mixing, the two part epoxy is automatically mixed as the epoxy resin and hardener travel through the static mixing nozzle
  • Environmentally and user friendly mixing process, as it is totally contained in the dispensing tools, therefore no personal contact
  • Reduce waste, unused epoxy resin and hardener in two part tube can be used as needed with remainder stored for later use by replacing used mixing nozzle with dispensing tube plug
  • Reduce labor cost due to quick, accurate and efficient mixing of epoxy and filling of seal fitting