Appleton® AC1A

Appleton® Kwiko® A AC1A Sealing Cement, 16 oz Can, Gray, 2.9 to 3.3 g/cc

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Appleton® AC1A

Kwiko A sealing cement and fiber filler provide a quick, convenient way to complete the installation of sealing fittings and hubs in hazardous locations.

Appleton® Kwiko® A Sealing Cement, Can, 16 oz, Composition: CaO-Al2O3, CaO-2Al2O3, 12CaO-7Al2O3, 2CaO-Al 2O3-SiO2, 4CaO-Al 2O3-Fe2O3, Al2O3, Gray, 2.9 to 3.3 g/cc Specific Gravity, 11 to 11.5

Specific Gravity      :      2.9 to 3.3
Mixing Ratio      :      2:1
Color      :      Gray
pH Range      :      11 to 11.5
Container Size      :      16 oz
Container Type      :      Can
Composition      :      CaOyAl2O3, CaOy2Al2O3, 12CaOy7Al2O3, 2CaOyAl 2O3ySiO2, 4CaOyAl 2O3yFe2O3, Al2O3
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  • Kwiko® A sealing cement is a specially formulated water soluble powder
  • Mixed to the proper proportions, it is poured in sealing fittings and hardens to contain and restrict the passage of gases and explosions in classified areas
  • 2 parts cement to 1 part water mixing ratio
  • 23 cu-in volume when set
  • For fiber filler makes dams around and between conductors to prevent sealing compound from leaking while in its liquid state