Arlington 930

Arlington AnyBODY™ 930 Type LB Metallic Conduit Body With Cover and Gasket, 1/2 in Hub, 4.8 cu-in, Die-Cast Aluminum

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Arlington 930

Arlington's aluminum or plastic AnyBODY™ ships as an LB, but converts to a T, LL, LR or C by switching the blank plates and threaded flanges to create the style you need.

Arlington AnyBODY™ Metallic Conduit Body, Type LB, 1/2 in Hub, 4.8 cu-in, Die-Cast Aluminum, Silver, 5.111 in W x 1.67 in H

Material      :      Die-Cast Aluminum
Hub Size      :      1/2 in
Includes      :      Threaded Flanges for Three Openings
Type      :      Type LB
Capacity      :      4.8 cu-in
Color      :      Silver
Dimensions      :      5.111 in W x 1.67 in H
Warranty      :      1 Year
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  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Saves the time, space and cost of stocking five different conduit bodies (LB, T, LL, LR, C)
  • 1/2 to 2 in sizes are combination EMT or rigid and they are threaded for rigid, but also have a set-screw for use with EMT
  • Volume and wire fill marked inside bodies
  • Recessed O-rings under covers and flanges
  • Seated O-rings maintain weather-tight seal
  • Copper free die cast aluminum
  • Meets NEC 2014 section 314.16 paragraph (C) (2) for conduit bodies with splices, taps or devices
  • 1/2 in trade
  • Threaded IMC or rigid and set-screw EMT conduit