Martin 48L050 SDS

Martin 48L050 SDS Solid Type GF-1 Stock Timing Pulley, QD Bushed, 1/2 to 2 in Dia Bore, 5.7 in OD, 48 Grooves, 5.73 in Dia Pitch, 3/4 in W Face

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Martin 48L050 SDS

Martin timing pulleys are manufactured to extremely close specifications and are stocked in minimum plain bore, taper bushed, QD bushed styles depending on size and pitch. Synchronous sprockets are non-slip toothed drives that require no lubrication. These sprockets have a wide speed range, are very efficient and make less noise than chain drives. Teeth on the belts are molded to conform with and engage the teeth on a mating sprocket.

Martin Stock Timing Pulley, Solid Type GF-1, QD Bushed Bore Type, 1/2 to 2 in Bore Dia, 5.7 in Outside Dia, 5.73 in, 48 Grooves, 3/8 in Pitch, 3/4 in Face Width, 5.95 in Flange Dia, SDS Bushing, 1-3/8 in Overall Length, For Use With: 1/2 in W L-Belt, Steel

Material      :      Steel
Number of Grooves      :      48
Outside Diameter      :      5.7 in
Overall Length      :      1-3/8 in
Flange Diameter      :      5.95 in
Bore Diameter      :      1/2 to 2 in
Bore Type      :      QD Bushed
Pitch Diameter      :      5.73 in
Face Width      :      3/4 in
Bushing Type      :      SDS
Suitable For Use With      :      1/2 in W L-Belt
Type      :      Solid Type GF-1
Pitch      :      3/8 in
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