Pinco 805-320


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Pinco 805-320

  • It has an excellent retention of brightness and color and you can acquire it in your presentation of gallon and 1/4 gal
  • It must be applied with a brush, roller or conventional spray gun or airless spray
  • It is important for your application to use the basic protective equipment such as, gloves, safety glasses and mask
  • Dry to the touch in 1 hr, hard in 12 hr and to repaint 24 hr
  • It yields around 40 sq-m/gal per hand, according to the method of application and the porosity of the substrate
  • Application: For protection and decoration of metallic structures, concrete, masonry or wood properly prepared both in indoor/outdoor environments

Pinco Enamel Paint, Yellow Lemon

Color      :      Yellow Lemon