ACS Group PCA-150

ACS Group PCA-150


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ACS Group PCA-150

ACS Group Packaged Chiller, 25400 BtuH Nominal, HFC 134A Refrigerant, 3.6 gpm

Nominal Capacity      :      25400 BtuH
Item Name      :      Packaged Chiller
Refrigerant Type      :      HFC 134A
Flow Rate      :      3.6 gpm
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PCA series packaged Chiller by AEC are specially engineered for small, demanding industrial applications. Each self-contained unit is designed for immediate hook-up and is ready to supply clean, cooling water at constant temperatures. A wide range of economical options are available to meet or exceed the demands of almost any application.

  • Hermetic reciprocating compressors
  • Highly efficient tube-in-tube evaporators
  • Aluminum fin/copper tube condenser
  • Six gal polyethylene tank with external fill/drain sight glass
  • Non-ferrous piping
  • Regenerative turbine, horizontally mounted pump
  • Microprocessor based PID controller with autotuning and to process and set point LED readout
  • Pressure-actuated process water bypass valve for system protection
  • To process 2.5 in Dia, dual scale liquid-filled water pressure gauge
  • Fully insulated refrigeration and process pipin
  • HFC-134a refrigerant
  • NEMA 1 electrical enclosure
  • Fully insulated pump and evaporator
  • High and low refrigerant pressure safety switches
  • Hot gas bypass capacity control
  • Thermal expansion valve
  • Refrigerant sight glass and filter drye
  • Ease of maintenance with multiple refrigeration access ports
  • Graphic display package
  • Increased operational capacity up to 75 deg F with crankcase pressure regulating valve
  • 1 Year Warranty