Hangsterfer's 322

Hangsterfer's 322


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Hangsterfer's 322

Hangsterfer's Crystal Cut® Synthetic Coolant Concentrate, Multi-Purpose, 8 cSt at 40 deg C Viscosity, 8.5 pH, Liquid Form, Composition: 25 to 35% Trolamine, Amber, Mild Odor/Scent, 1.04 Specific Gravity

Odor/Scent      :      Mild
Form      :      Liquid
Specific Gravity      :      1.04
Viscosity      :      8 cSt at 40 deg C
Item Name      :      Synthetic Coolant Concentrate
Composition      :      25 to 35% Trolamine
Type      :      Multi-Purpose
pH Range      :      8.5
Color      :      Amber
  • pdf Brochure https://www.turtle.com//ASSETS/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/Hangsterfers_322_Brochure.pdf
  • pdf MSDS/SDS https://www.turtle.com//ASSETS/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/Hangsterfers_322_SDS.pdf

Crystal Cut® 322 A Boeing approved full synthetic, which is excellent for machining and grinding of all materials, especially aerospace materials. Crystal Cut 322 is based on alternative and renewable resources, and its unique formulation significantly eases the cutting process and also provides excellent corrosion and rust protection reducing oxidation of the freshly cut surfaces.

  • Biostable formula, Extended sump life
  • Excellent corrosion control on steel/iron
  • Non-toxic and non corrosive
  • Chlorine free, sulfur free, nitrite free

Standards/Certifications: Boeing Approved

Applications: For continuous use recycling systems