Bowers 54-567-735-BT

Bowers 54-567-735-BT

GAGE BORE 1.375 TO 2 IN 3.15 IN LCD

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Bowers 54-567-735-BT

Bowers XT3 Holematic Bore Gage, Electronic, 1.375 to 2 in Measuring, 0.00015 in Accuracy, 0.00005 in Resolution, 3.15 in Probe Depth, LCD Display

Accuracy      :      0.00015 in
Measuring Range      :      1.375 to 2 in
Probe Depth      :      3.15 in
Item Name      :      Bore Gage
Display      :      LCD
Type      :      Electronic
Resolution      :      0.00005 in

Fowler-Bowers XT3 bluetooth holematic pistol grip range of bore gages offer extended travel with fixed anvils. The pistol grip handle incorporates a constant measuring pressure to eliminate operator "feel."

  • To reduce hand fatigue, the travel of the trigger is adjustable for minimum over-travel
  • Larger easy-to-read swivel display
  • Self centering heads
  • Proximity output and USB connectivity
  • Four preset memories
  • Fixed anvils
  • Tungsten carbide measuring faces on all 3-point heads from .5 in (12.5 mm) and up
  • Heads with special anvils available for threads, splines, slots, etc
  • Sizes over .500 in (12.5 mm) feature blind bore capability
  • Setting rings included in all sets
  • Includes UKAS certificates for all pistol grip, heads and rings
  • 5 Years Warranty