Digilent 410-321

Digilent 410-321


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Digilent 410-321

Digilent Oscilloscope, Handheld, 30 MHz Bandwidth, 100 MS/s Sampling

Sampling Rate      :      100 MS/s
Item Name      :      Oscilloscope
Type      :      Handheld
Bandwidth      :      30 MHz

Digilent analog discovery 2 is a USB oscilloscope and multi-function instrument that allows users to measure, visualize, generate, record, and control mixed-signal circuits of all kinds. Developed in conjunction with analog devices and supported by Xilinx university program, analog discovery 2 is small enough to fit in your pocket, but powerful enough to replace a stack of lab equipment, providing engineering students, hobbyists, and electronics enthusiasts the freedom to work with analog and digital circuits in virtually any environment, in or out of the lab. The analog and digital inputs and outputs can be connected to a circuit using simple wire probes, alternatively, the analog discovery BNC adapter and BNC probes can be used to connect and utilize the inputs and outputs. Driven by the free WaveForms (Mac, Linux and Windows Compatible) software, analog discovery 2 can be configured to work as any one of several traditional instruments including an oscilloscope, waveform generator, power supply, voltmeter, data logger, logic analyzer, pattern generator, static i/o, spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, impedance analyzer, and protocol analyzer.

  • Two-channel USB digital oscilloscope (1MO, +/- 25 V, differential, 14-bit, 100 MS/s, 30MHz+ bandwidth - with the Analog Discovery BNC Adapter Board)
  • Two-channel arbitrary function generator (+/- 5V, 14-bit, 100 MS/s, 12 MHz+ bandwidth - with the analog discovery BNC adapter board)
  • Stereo audio amplifier to drive external headphones or speakers with replicated AWG signals
  • 16 channel digital logic analyzer
  • 16 channel pattern generator
  • 16 channel virtual digital I/O including buttons, switches, and LEDs - perfect for logic training applications
  • Two input/output digital trigger signals for linking multiple instruments (3.3 V CMOS)
  • Single channel voltmeter (AC, DC, +/- 25 V)
  • Network analyzer bode, nyquist, nichols transfer diagrams of a circuit range 1 Hz to 10 MHz
  • Spectrum analyzer power spectrum and spectral measurements (noise floor, SFDR, SNR, THD, etc.)
  • Digital bus analyzers
  • Data logger exportable data and plot functionality
  • Impedance analyzer capacitive and inductive elements
  • Protocol analyzer - SPI, I2C, and UART
  • Two programmable power supplies (0 - +5 V , 0 -5 V). The maximum available output current and power depend on the analog discovery 2 powering choice
  • 500 mW total when powered through USB
  • 2.1 W max for each supply when powered by an auxiliary supply
  • 700 mA maximum current for each supply
  • MATLAB support for the data acquisition toolbox
  • (1) Waveform Generator, (1) Power Supply, (1) Voltmeter, (1) Data Logger, (1) Logic Analyser, (1) Pattern Generator, (1) Static I/O, (1) Spectrum Analyser, (1) Network Analyser, (1) Impedance Analyser, and (1) Protocol Analyser Included

Standards: RoHS Compliant