Harris® 15620F1

Harris® 15620F1


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Harris® 15620F1

Harris® Stay-Silv® 15 PhosCopper Brazing Alloy, Stick Tube, 0.05 in ID x 1/8 in OD Diameter, 20 in Length, Chemical Composition: Phosphorus, Copper, Silver, +1300 to +1500 deg F Brazing, Applicable Materials: Low Nickel, Copper/Nickel Base Metals

Applicable Materials      :      Low Nickel, Copper/Nickel Base Metals
Length      :      20 in
Chemical Composition      :      Phosphorus, Copper, Silver
Item Name      :      PhosCopper Brazing Alloy
Diameter      :      0.05 in ID x 1/8 in OD
Type      :      Stick Tube
Brazing Range      :      +1300 to +1500 deg F
  • pdf Spec Sheet https://www.turtle.com//ASSETS/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/Harris_15620F1_Spec_Sheet.pdf

Stay Silv 15 brazing filler metal is a frequent choice for brazing copper, especially in brazing air conditioning and refrigeration connections. The alloy has a wide melting range which allows the operator to fill loose connections and cap or build up around the finished joint. When heated above its liquidus temperature, however, it will flow into tight connections. Stay Silv 15 can be used to braze brass with the use of appropriate brazing flux. Stay Silv 15 is not recommended for brazing steel or other ferrous metals due to sufficient lack of joint ductility. It is generally suitable for brazing low nickel, (10% maximum), copper/nickel base metals.

Standard/Approvals: ANSI/AWS A5.8 Class BCuP-5, ASME SFA 5.8 Class BCuP-5, QQ-B-654A BCuP-5, ISO 17672 CuP 284

Application: Brazing air conditioning and refrigeration connections