Eagle® 1656MB

Eagle® 1656MB


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Eagle® 1656MB

Eagle® Transport Drum, 55 gal Volume, Open Head, Lever Lock Ring Closure, Polyethylene, UN Rating Solid: 1H2/Y250/S/1H2/X200/S, UN Rating Liquid: 1H1/Y1.8/100, 1/8 in Gauge Thickness, Blue, 22-1/8 in ID, 22-1/2 in OD, 36-3/8 in Overall Height

Material      :      Polyethylene
Outside Diameter      :      22-1/2 in
Overall Height      :      36-3/8 in
Closure Type      :      Lever Lock Ring
UN Rating Liquid      :      1H1/Y1.8/100
Item Name      :      Transport Drum
Volume Capacity      :      55 gal
Inside Diameter      :      22-1/8 in
Gauge Thickness      :      1/8 in
Head Style      :      Open
Color      :      Blue
UN Rating Solid      :      1H2/Y250/S/1H2/X200/S

The Eagle 55 gal lab pack /open head/straight sided drum is constructed of blue blow-molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV inhibitors, is durable and lightweight, weather and chemical resistant, and has a white lid with a metal lever-lock band closure. Ideal for safe storage, handling and transportation of hazardous materials, spill containment and clean-up of hazardous materials, original shipping container, bio waste disposal and incineration. lab pack/open head/drum - for use with smaller non-damaged bottles, cans, carboys and 5 gal pails of non-leaking hazardous materials - if leaking, must pack with sufficient sorbents for - NO FREE LIQUIDS.

Standard/Approvals: DOT 49, CFR 173.12