Veris H934

Veris H934


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Veris H934

Veris Hawkeye™ Current Sensor, Split Core, 600 VAC, 3.5 to 135 A, 34 to 75 Hz Frequency, -15 to 60 deg C Operating, Environmental Conditions: 10 to 90% RH Humidity

Amperage Rating      :      3.5 to 135 A
Environmental Conditions      :      10 to 90% RH Humidity
Operating Temperature      :      -15 to 60 deg C
Item Name      :      Current Sensor
Voltage Rating      :      600 VAC
Type      :      Split Core
Frequency Rating      :      34 to 75 Hz
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Hawkeye 934 microprocessor based current status switches provide a unique solution for accurately monitoring status of motors controlled by variable frequency drives. The H934 stores the sensed amperage values for normal operation at various frequency ranges in non-volatile memory. This information allows the device to distinguish between a reduced amp draw due to normal changes in the frequency and an abnormal amp drop due to belt loss or other mechanical failures.

  • Self adjusting trip point, factory programmed to detect belt loss undercurrent conditions
  • Provides accurate status for VFD loads
  • Automatically compensates for the effects of frequency and amperage changes associated with VFDs
  • LED indicates normal and alarm conditions
  • Huge labor savings no need to calibrate in live starter enclosures, install and go
  • Bracket can be installed in three different configurations, added flexibility
  • Monitors both frequency and amperage, distinguishes normal drops in amperage due to frequency changes from abnormal drops due to mechanical failure
  • Split core design is ideal for retrofits, no need to remove conductor
  • 5 Years Warranty

Standard/Approvals: UL 508

Application: For monitoring positive status on motors controlled by variable frequency drives and replacing pressure switches