Fieldpiece SMAN440

Fieldpiece SMAN440


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Fieldpiece SMAN440

Fieldpiece Digital Manifold, Wireless, 32 to 122 deg F, 5 in Display Dimensions

Temperature Rating      :      32 to 122 deg F
Item Name      :      Digital Manifold
Type      :      Wireless
Dimensions      :      5 in Display
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HVACR professionals can do more with the SMAN440 wireless 4-port digital manifold. This innovative digital manifold displays all the readings technicians need at one time, on a large, easy-to-read display: 2 pressures and 7 temperatures. So HVACR pros can view things like target superheat, and superheat and subcooling all at one time. Plus the wireless capabilities allow techs to make system adjustments while seeing in real-time how the changes are affecting the system.

  • Faster evacuations with large 3/8 in port
  • 9 readings on the screen all at once
  • Wireless measurements for real-time adjustments
  • 45 refrigerants with easy updates via mini USB connection
  • Live target superheat
  • Simultaneous superheat and subcooling
  • Units of measurement - Psig, kPa, MPa, bar, inHg, and cmHg
  • Measures 2 pressures, 2 temperatures
  • Calculates superheat, subcooling, target superheat, vapour saturation, liquid saturation
  • Receive indoor wet bulb and outdoor dry bulb measurements for live target superheat
  • Send measurements to Fieldpiece wireless system analysers for diagnostics, data storage, and reporting
  • Record electrical measurements from wireless clamp meters (SC460 and SC660) including SEER and EER
  • Connect to high side, low side, vacuum pump, micron gauge, and recovery machine (or refrigerant tank), then use the valves as needed to recover, evacuate and charge the system
  • Huge screen with the information you need
  • Pipe clamps grip tight for speed and accuracy
  • External cal. pots for easy field calibration
  • Absolute pressure sensors give you accurate readings at any elevation
  • Calibrate pressure sensors to the known pressure of your refrigerant tank at a known temperature for high accuracy over the entire pressure range
  • Front facing hose seats limit dirt and grime entering your manifold
  • Sight glass to view refrigerant flow
  • (1) SMAN440 4-Port Digital Manifold, (2) TC24 Type-K Pipe Clamp Thermocouples, (1) ANC10 Padded Carrying Case, 6 AA Batteries Included

Standard/Approvals: FC, C-Tick Certified, CE Certified, RoHS Compliant