Pc-Concrete™ 072561

Pc-Concrete™ 072561


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Pc-Concrete™ 072561

Pc-Concrete™ Epoxy Adhesive, Two Part, 250 mL Container, 4 hr Curing, Gray, 35 to 115 deg F, 2900 psi Tensile Strength

Temperature Rating      :      35 to 115 deg F
Tensile Strength      :      2900 psi
Curing Time      :      4 hr
Item Name      :      Epoxy Adhesive
Container Size      :      250 mL
Type      :      Two Part
Color      :      Gray
  • pdf Spec Sheet https://www.turtle.com//ASSETS/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/PcConcrete_072561_Spec_Sheet.pdf

PC-Concrete ™ Anchoring and Crack Filling Epoxy - is the epoxy chosen to repair cracks in warehouse and factory floors. Dispense and apply using a standard size caulking gun. Cures hard enough to drive over within 3 hours at standard temperature. Nothing stronger for your anchoring applications. PC-Concrete™ is a two component (1:1 ratio), 100% solids, high modulus, and structural epoxy paste. PC-Concrete™ is a solvent free, no odor, high strength, moisture insensitive epoxy system. The resin and hardener are uniformly dispensed from a 9 ounce cartridge system and mixed through a mixing nozzle using a standard size caulking gun. (We recommend at least an 18:1 thrust ratio). PC-Concrete™ is also provided in a 22 ounce dual cartridge system for Contractors and Professionals. This size requires a 600ml high thrust dual cartridge dispensing gun. For filling larger cracks and cavities use the 102 ounce bulk kit. PC- Concrete™ will NOT SHRINK. Suitable for Interior and Exterior applications. Can be applied to WET & UNDERWATER surfaces

  • Lifetime Warranty

Application: For anchor into marine docks above or below water line, anchor equipment to floors, bond to pre-stressed floors, anchor into stone and rock, install anchor bolts for sill plates, anchor into foundations and block, re-anchor railing at convention centre or apartment building, anchor seats in lecture hall or theatres, fill spalled concrete in car wash, anchor hvac equipment to concrete pads and roofs, waterproof floor to wall cracks