Remet Sticktite 271

Remet Sticktite 271


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Remet Sticktite 271

Remet Blended Wax, Waxy Solid Form, Natural, Characteristic Odor/Scent

Odor/Scent      :      Characteristic
Item Name      :      Blended Wax
Color      :      Natural
Form      :      Waxy Solid
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STICKTITE® waxes have been designed specifically as a sticky wax for use in the assembly of sprue/pattern trees prior to the shell forming process. These materials have low odour and smoke and impart exceptionally high adhesive and cohesive strength to the sprue/pattern joint. The differing formulations offer the choice off set up and solidification times.

  • Can be used as an adhesive between wax and wax, or sticking ceramic to wax

Application: For use in the precision investment casting process