GoodNites 32519

GoodNites 32519


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GoodNites 32519

Place, peel and protect for a better night, every night. Featuring our signature "Micro-Pocket Technology" for trusted nighttime protection, GoodNites® disposable bed mats are a simple way to give your child restful nights and help you cut down on sheet changes.

  • GoodNites® disposable bed mats are designed to both lock in odor and absorb as much fluid as an L-XL pair of GoodNites® underwear to help keep sheets dry at night
  • Provides outstanding mattress and sheet protection
  • GoodNites® disposable bed mats are made with comfortable layers to help make every night a restful night for your child
  • Four easy-to-remove peel strips ensure GoodNites® disposable bed mats are easy to place
  • Add GoodNites® disposable bed mats to your nightly routine for outstanding protection from the #1 night-time protection brand

GoodNites 32519 Disposable Bed Mat, 2.8 ft L, 2.4 ft W

Type      :      Disposable
Length      :      2.8 ft