Flu Season is Here: A Program to Save Your Company Money



It’s flu season and how people wash and dry their hands can have a significant impact on their chances of getting — and spreading — disease. At Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS), we’re doing our part to reduce the high rate of illness associated with hand drying through a health and wellness program that also saves companies money.

Dry is Not Always Clean

During cold and flu season, sick employees reduce productivity, costing U.S. companies $1 billion each year. While that may not be surprising, the source of germs is unexpected — and even counterintuitive.


Employees typically wash their hands in workplace bathrooms using soap and water, then dry their hands. Soap has been proven to be an effective way to eliminate germs. The problem lies in how people dry their hands after they wash.


Studies have found that even after using soap, drying hands with an air dryer can leave significantly more germs and bacteria on your hands than before washing. Hot air dryers are not as sanitary as you’d think because air dryers may emit bacteria in their airflow, as some research proves.


Some paper towel dispensers, like C-fold or multi-fold dispensers are problematic too, because they require you to touch the towel before it exits from its slot — and often you touch the dispenser itself. Unfortunately, the previous user may also have touched the dispenser and left some of their own bacteria behind.


Hands-free paper dispensers can help reduce the transmission of disease. Touchless options include models like Georgia Pacific’s enMotion dispenser, which uses motion sensors to deliver a measured length of towel to the user, avoiding any germ transfer.

How THIS Helps Reduce Costs

THIS worked with Georgia Pacific to replace a variety of existing dryers with over 150 EnMotion dispensers at two customer plants in Humboldt, TN, and Auburn Hills, MI. The effort is reducing waste, saving money, delivering cleaner hands, and spreading fewer bacteria. enMotion dispensers deliver a 35 percent savings over folded towels from reduced paper cost and labor efficiencies.


We’ve also addressed the issue of soap dispensing by installing hands free soap dispensers in the bathrooms and industrial hands free soap dispenser on the shop floor. The new soap dispensers deliver portion-controlled quantities, keeping employees hands from picking up bacteria by touching the dispensers and eliminating the waste from excess soap usage.


Factory environments are not the only beneficiaries of the efficiencies and cleanliness of hands-free dispensers. One national real estate company , which manages large commercial properties, is looking to use hands-free soap and towel dispensers wherever they can within their properties because of their health advantages and cost savings.


Johnson & Johnson, too, is looking to switch to hands-free dispensers at 10 sites in the U.S. and Puerto Rico serviced by THIS.


According the Dennis Smith, Senior Global Category Lead – Capital Equipment, “The advantages of hands free dispensers within the restrooms are very clear. Especially during the winter months when so many people have colds and flu, the hands free dispensers help prevent the spread of germs to others while offering us significant opportunity to reduce cost on soap and towels.”


Our health and wellness program is a great example of how we leverage our relationships with manufacturers and wholesalers for the benefit of our clients. The time is now to plan for cold season. Learn more at

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