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You are responsible for the operation of a large manufacturing facility and your operation just shut down unexpectedly. Every hour that the operation remains down, your company loses thousands of dollars. The clock is ticking.


This is a scenario that many of our customers face on a regular basis. Regardless of the industry, downtime events can cost thousands of dollars per hour in lost production and labor and have a host of other negative downstream effects. Adding to the stress is that when a manufacturing operation goes down, often times it is unclear where the problem occurred, or what caused it.  Was there an issue within the process, or did one of the many devices connected to the process fail?  Answering this can mean hours of troubleshooting to find the problem, fix it, and get back up and running.
Most of our customers do not have a good way of finding faulted devices that may cause downtime, like drives or controllers, on their networks.  Typically this involves a smattering of manually configured alarms, physical inspection of the devices, or most commonly, reacting to problems after they cause costly downtime.

Shelby for Industrial Networks

FactoryTalk® Analytics for Devices, or Shelby, is a self-contained, ready-to-use appliance that works automatically on industrial networks to solve this problem.  The mission of Shelby is to reduce the mean time to repair (MTTR) when downtime events do occur, and if possible, to prevent them from happening.  It does this by allowing your devices to talk to you, telling you information about their health and if maintenance is needed.  It can also spot device configuration issues instantly that could take humans hours to pin down.
Setup of the appliance is simple.  In five minutes, Shelby can be returning valuable information on up to a hundred devices.  All Shelby needs is power and a connection to an Ethernet/IP network containing automation devices.  Once the appliance is connected, it scans your network, discovering each of your automation devices automatically, begins collecting and creating a history of relevant data, analyzes the state of each device, and renders the results in easy-to-understand ways.  The content is delivered through the browser of any PC or mobile device on the plant network.
While Shelby can provide basic status information, like online or faulted, for any Ethernet/IP device, it has a deeper analytic profile for over 2000 of Rockwell Automation’s intelligent assets.  The data is presented as glanceable dashboards and trends that quickly tell you if there are issues lurking in your operation.
Shelby also learns what information is most valuable to you, and brings that to your attention first.  It does this by employing a voting system: each time the health status of one of your devices changes, an “Action Card” is produced on which you vote up or down to whether or not that is meaningful to your operation.  Over time, Shelby will learn to prioritize the data so that the things you need to take action on the most will be seen first.

Integrated Chat Box

Finally, where does the name Shelby come from?  Shelby is actually the chat bot that lives on the appliance.  You simply type your questions into the chat window, and Shelby will apply its language understanding technology to fetch answers for you from the appliance.  You can ask Shelby things like “How many controllers are online?” or “Which devices need maintenance?”
Shelby is a relatively new product and Rockwell will be adding functionality over time.  It will be able to tell you even more about your devices while focusing improvements on predictive analytics.  Since it is a subscription-based product, all of the upgrades will be included in the subscription and available for download over the internet.
Shelby is all about keeping your operation running longer and smoother.  It reduces downtime by providing valuable, actionable device information when you need it most.  That translates into more money in your pocket, which makes installing Shelby an easy decision.
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