PSEG Long Island Commercial Efficiency Program Launches New Rebates



PSEG Long Island occasionally offers attractive rebates for customers who upgrade lighting in their facilities under their Solid-State Lighting (SSL) Policy, and it recently launched a new set of rebates. While the current rebates are lower than the one that expired on August 25, it’s important to note that PSEG does not publish expiration dates, so this rebate may end at any time. Companies interested in taking advantage of the rebates should act now.

What Projects Are Eligible?

A range of lighting projects are eligible for this rebate. In general, they fall into Fast Track and comprehensive lighting for high bay or low bay projects. All lighting projects must be pre-approved to qualify for rebates, and customers interested in getting started should contact their Turtle & Hughes representative to verify the specifics of the projects they are considering.


Eligibility depends on the customer’s current rate schedule, and includes customers of PSEG Long Island that are on rates 285, 281, and 280 schedules. Project eligibility can be complex and depends on the magnitude of the project and the specific components being considered, so check with your Turtle & Hughes representative first.


It’s important to work with your Turtle & Hughes representative who can deliver lighting products that meet PSEG requirements. That’s because, as the PSEG notice states, “Testing through the Department of Energy Commercially Available LED Product Evaluation and Reporting Program (DOE CALiPER) is uncovering a significant number of products with inaccurate or misleading performance claims.”


Turtle & Hughes Manages the Process

Turtle & Hughes is a PEP (Prime Efficiency Partner) with PSEG. This means they can act on the behalf of their customers and can accept rebate payments directly from PSEG so the customer’s cash outlay is reduced by the amount of the rebate, allowing projects to start quickly by lowering the upfront costs of LED projects.


In addition, Turtle & Hughes will take responsibility for performing project planning, and for completing all required paperwork, worksheets, photometric evaluations and any other information required by PSEG, making the process simple and reducing the customer’s involvement in nearly all aspects of the project.


Rebate requirements include:

  • Program measures and rebate levels are predetermined
  • Customers must agree to PSEG Terms and Conditions
  • Project cap will not exceed total project cost
  • Pre-approval is required for participation in the Comprehensive Lighting program
  • Pre-approval is required for high bay and low bay projects
  • List of measures may be updated or modified frequently


PSEG Long Island’s rebate offers can make a significant difference in a company’s long-term operating expenses by reducing energy usage through the use of highly efficient LED lighting as replacement for older lighting fixtures. Customers that act quickly to take advantage of our expertise can replace their aging and energy-hungry lighting with modern, efficient LED lighting at greatly reduced capital cost.


If you want to find out about rebates in your local market, contact your Turtle & Hughes branch office or salesperson.

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