Good News: New York State Energy Rebates


Here’s some good news for manufacturers, data centers and other production facilities in New York State.
Under the Industrial and Process Efficiency (IPE) program, the New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) is offering monetary rebates to organizations participating in its energy reduction program. The IPE program aims to help facilities increase output and improve processing as efficiently as possible.
Right now, you can schedule a free energy audit that includes production, process, warehouse, HVAC, shipping, receiving and office. Upon audit review, recommendations are made in conjunction with the NYSERDA programs. The report includes initial cost of new equipment, as well as information about reduced consumption, annual reduced energy consumption dollars, rebates, ROI, Day Light Harvesting and Green House Emission reduction.

NYSERDA calculates financial support on first-year annual energy savings and, when appropriate, accounts for reductions in energy intensity (the energy used per unit of production or workload). In addition to financial support from NYSERDA, ongoing cost reductions and productivity improvements resulting from the project continue for the life of the equipment.
The Turtle & Hughes branches throughout New York State are committed to helping customers to meet New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s mandate to reduce electrical kWh usage of the state’s largest users by 20 percent. In December, branch personnel met in the Newburgh office for an in-house seminar to discuss the IPE Program and how our customers can take advantage of savings and rebates.
To date, Turtle & Hughes has helped reduce energy consumption at Metro North Railroad, New York Power Authority, MTA Bus Terminals and AMSCAN, the world’s largest designer, manufacturer and distributor of decorated party goods and accessories, based in Chester, NY.
Now is the time to take advantage of this free evaluation. Please ask your Turtle & Hughes sales executive to initiate the process.

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