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When Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS) needed to automate the way it conducts business, it turned to Quick Base. With a successful program now well underway, the THIS story has been featured on the Quick Base website.


Quick Base is an app-building platform that allows businesses to create better ways to work, which is exactly what it has done for THIS. In the Quick Base article, Joseph Gill, Manager of Business Reports & Analytics at THIS explains, “Email was not the most effective way to communicate with our decentralized North American workforce, and compiling spreadsheets and PDFs to report back to customers took a lot of time and effort.”


At THIS, the Quick Base app has been rebranded as THISOne, an easily accessible central portal with everything that customers and employees need to know. According to the case study, “The Quick Base platform appealed to Gill for many reasons. It’s flexible enough to quickly and easily build internal and customer-facing apps using familiar spreadsheet and database skills. It’s cloud-based and mobile ready, meaning information can be stored, manipulated, and accessed at any time, from anywhere, on any device. It can import data from both internal and external ERP systems, making it easy, for instance, to load a customer’s budget and track it against monthly spend. It’s also agile. Project management apps can be spun up at a moment’s notice, enabling the company to scale quickly to meet demand and seamlessly track progress for consistently reliable outcomes—no micromanagement required.”


THIS customers have benefited greatly from THISOne.  Customers have their own custom dashboards on the portal and can instantly access current and historical information on spend, savings, and vendors.  Custom reports for customers that would sometimes take days to complete can now be compiled in minutes. The platform is fast and interactive, further optimizing the user experience.


“Quick Base has enabled us to raise the bar on accountability, continuity, and responsiveness.  Our customers also benefit from greater visibility across everything from how much they are spending to what we’re saving them each month,”  says Gill in the Quick Base article.


The THIS program has been so transformative that the team was recognized by Quick Base at its 2017 EMPOWER Conference as a finalist for The Catalyst Award. The award is given to “the organization that creates a culture in which motivated people are empowered people. These organizations smash the limitations of ‘who’ and ‘how’ with the power of ‘wherever’ and ‘whenever.’”


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