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Today, everyone seems to be talking about “the cloud.”  Many tools are being promoted with the promise of being better, smarter and faster with a cloud-based application.  Cloud-based solutions in the field of automation are starting to make their appearance as well.  With the increased use of Ethernet connectivity via WiFi, and the more common use of smart phones and tablets on the plant floor, operators, engineers, and supervisors are looking for ways to combine these tools and resources to do more.
In terms of a manufacturing floor, this would involve two aspects:  better communication between users and managers of the systems; and better means of knowing the status and conditions of the systems they are responsible for.  Having access to a tool, or set of tools, that addressed these needs would go a long way to achieving these goals.  In this article, we’re going to look at an automation-focused, cloud-based tool that is available now to get us moving in that direction.
A Rockwell Automation team was formed with the idea of increasing productivity by improving the ability to effect a positive change on production systems by saving each maintenance and automation team member 33 seconds per hour. The result of this endeavor is FactoryTalk TeamONE, the first tool developed by Rockwell Automation to start addressing these needs.
TeamONE is a cloud-based iOS and Android app that integrates worker knowledge and automation data. In addition, this is an application platform for Rockwell Automation to continue to build more modular content into and deliver connected enterprise solutions to customers.  Overall, TeamOne aims to help reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) by enabling every TeamONE app user at a plant location to investigate, collaborate and troubleshoot plant floor issues faster (when they are at work in the plant) with no setup and with very little changes to their infrastructure.
The basic version is available at no cost and can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore or GooglePlay by searching for FactoryTalk TeamONE.  This version will include the following eight modules:
Chat – Once your team members have been added, you can use this module to text or chat with team members about issues.

Teamboard – Allows you to post messages for all team members

Connect – Users can use their network WiFi connection to connect to the Rockwell Automation hardware network.

Device Status – Once connected to the network, members can get a snapshot of the current state of their Rockwell Automation control devices

Incident – Record and post an incident for other team member review.

Trend – This module allows members to create simple trends of variables seen in control equipment, such as a VFD current ouput.  Trends can be saved and posted for team review.

Knowledgebase – If team members have a Rockwell Automation support contract, this will link them directly into the Rockwell Knowledgebase.
TeamONE users will be able to find issues sooner, work with team members to evaluate the issues faster, and search the Rockwell Automation resources quickly to correct the issue and improve the MTTR.
Want to learn more?  Join us on Thursday, November 16 at 9:45am EST for a webinar to hear all about this and other Rockwell Automation cloud-based analytics product available now! Contact Jenna Wortman at to be added to our webinar mailing list.
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