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Power Distribution & Automation Solutions

The Turtle & Hughes Power Distribution & Automation Solutions (PD&AS) department provides power distribution equipment and engineering services for the most complex of customer applications.

Industrial Control & Automation

Turtle & Hughes Industrial Control & Automation provides customers with the right solutions to keep their machines and factories running at peak performance.

Lighting Applications

Lighting is critical to building systems.


We are all becoming more and more connected in a digitized world, so our focus today is on supporting technology-rich “smart” facilities with a broad scope of premier communications products and services.

Energy Management & Renewable Generation

Sustainability is no longer just a nice “add on” activity; it’s a requirement for commercial and industrial facilities nationwide.

Industrial Infrastructure Consulting

Turtle & Hughes TSI Services provides consulting and technology services that bridge the gap between your industrial infrastructure and your enterprise system so that you can keep your business secure and moving forward.

Materials Management & Logistics

Fast, accurate delivery is not a gimmick; it’s a promise.

Global Export

The international market has its own set of requirements and Turtle & Hughes Global Export is ready to meet those challenges anywhere in the world.

Technical Support & Training

Advancements in technology improve work productivity, but they also present technology-gap challenges on the plant floor and in the field.


We help clients protect their employees and maintain OSHA compliance across all safety products and safety systems.

Supply Chain Services

Turtle & Hughes recognizes that integrated supply is just one of many supply chain services we offer.


Mid-Island Electrical Supply (MIE) is now part of a new Turtle & Hughes on-line ordering catalog. The E-commerce store provides greater access to products and makes it easier and more efficient for customers to place and track orders. It is mobile-compatible and designed for use on all platforms.

If you are currently an MIE OrderDesk customer, you can log into your account with your current credentials using either the OrderDesk Login box above or the My Account button at the top right of the screen. You can also access the My Account button at turtle.com. The MIE site will be phased out over time, so bookmark the new login page at: turtle.com.

If you would like to open an account, use the Register button at the top of this screen or at turtle.com.